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Diyaa Alain Co makes international trade happen. And we make it our mission to do that responsibly. We deploy infrastructure, skills and our global network trading from places where they are plentiful to where they are most needed.

If you are interested in honest and profitable business, join our business chain. Our arms are open to honest and loyal people and companies so that you can sell your products in the world and buy the goods you need with the best quality. If you want If you want to be represented by us or have our representation around the world, or you have an idea for business or capital for investment, we will be happy to send us a message via email and present your abilities for a cooperation. Let’s start bilateral and long-term. We are looking to connect valuable customers and sellers worldwide. A smart and reliable commercial bridge!

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categories of services

Fruits and powder

we built out the structure of export and improved the volume of deliveries, we have expanded our activities to all countries, We currently have satisfied partners.

Animal feed

we provide different kind of high quality animal feed with competitive price . Our mission it’s "provide quality feed for animals" according to your request

Seeds and Agriculture

access to quality and affordable seed, trade facilitation in the movement of seed across the world and corporate with seed producers are our main goal

Electronic appliances

Selling all kinds of electronic and medical devices with the most appropriate price and high quality is one of our activities. Factories and companies, merchants and buyers can have a beneficial interaction with us


The global textile trade comprises of import and export of textiles and textile products (which can comprise of raw materials and finished goods), and trading within the country are our experiences

Engine Oil & Lubricant

we stand by you strongly and sustainably when ordering engine oil. we can help you From an engine oil specification table, lubricant labelling or a simple consultation on which oil you need, we offer you everything you need and want in across the world

Petrochemical Products

the global markets for oil, gas and refined petroleum products presented a much more favourable environment for trading in the world rather than last years. Geopolitical tensions and trade conflict created volatility in prices and flows and, in most segments, has been made significant opportunities for business based on price differences in time and location. our company make high confidence opportunities for buyers in this market .


we do trading on best quality compressed coal in different shapes. now our products are widely accepted in both domestic and world markets, and also are exported to different countries, We have lots of experience to export and cooperate with all over the world, and we also sincerely welcome you to come to corporate with us.

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